Monday, January 30, 2012


When aspiring for alignment one must consider all aspects of the self.
Physical, Mental, Emotional and  Spiritual.
One  aspect alone does not complete the whole.
As long as we desire to live, we will constantly be developing all aspects of our being. Our physical structure will form to match our mental framework.

I once read "The mind controls the body until the body gets sick, then the body controls the mind." I believe it may have been in an Eckhart Tolle book, but cannot be sure.

In essence I believe this statement to be true.
Trying to untangle the mental and emotional contributions to a physical illness, dis-ease,  I have found to be much more complex.

I believe the complexity is greatly due to the power of our ancestors and their choices,  aka DNA and how they have influenced our structural form, the skeleton.
The Seven Generations Principle explains that the choices and experiences of the past seven generations of our ancestors meld to imprint our genetic code and present experience, and reminds us that our choices today will impact those seven generations in the future.  (Had you ever wondered why the Seventh Generation product line was named Seventh Generation?  It is not a coincidence that we should consider what imprint we are leaving on our environment as our descendants seven generations from now will be affected by our choices today.) See for more info.

 I strongly believe that rewriting our DNA is possible through the power of uniting and listening to all four of our energetic bodies.
Learning to listen to our internal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies is a skill that can be developed through self-discipline and attentiveness.   Learning to decipher their language is comparable to learning to speak and interpret a foreign language.

In a moment of need this week I  reopened The Living Gita by Sri Swami Satchidananda and read "Anybody who trades their peace for anything else in life is foolish......Peace is the only way....When we forget (the meaning) and only stick to the name, we fight even in the name of God...." Chapter 9, vs. 22 pg 135.

This passage reminded me of the importance for being steadfast in maintaining my peace.
I believe that in maintaining my peace of mind, I am free to experience the pleasures of my emotions in every moment, free to choose physical actions (even inaction) that will honor my Spiritual connection to the Divine source, God, known also as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or any name you choose.  As the passage states it is not in the name but in the meaning you put behind it.

And on this note I share with you a prose I wrote many years ago on an auspicious day while in between sessions at work.

To align with God. 
If the body s properly aligned then there is no room for pain.
If there is no room for pain there is only Love.
If there is only Love then there is only God.
Then the form is Aligned with God.

Blessings of Peace, Alignment, Health and Well Being.

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