Monday, March 19, 2012

The Digestive System and Metaphics - Part 3 The Finish

If all goes well we consume, process and waste efficiently.   I find however that in our busy world,  overly abundant in man made technologies and GMOs coupled with rapidly decreasing natural resources,   it is becoming more and more difficult to consume what nourishes us.   

In our Western world making healthy choices for consumption and knowing the health benefits and risks of what we consume are equally challenging.   Is the IPad a better investment than the Kindle?   How important is a new chair?    What has this produce been sprayed with?  Has this food adapted on it's own or been assisted in the lab?   To answer these questions truthfully we may or may not have to go to great lengths.  I believe there is no "right' answer to any of them,  just best, honest answers in the moment.

I believe finding the "honest" answer is greatly a function of how you want to spend your time.   Are you investing your time in things  that make you feel good?   I believe time is my only limited resource.  Investing my time doing things in places with people that I enjoy is always my best choice.

Some simple things I do to enjoy the process of consumption, life and making choices include:

1.  Ask who?, where? and what?.
 Is the activity something I want to do?  ( Yes, I do include resting as an activity.).
 Is it in a place I can relax and enjoy spending my time?  (Home is always my favorite place.) 
 Is it with people I enjoy being with?  (As much as I love people, I am learning even I can be worn thin.) 
I recommend either 2 definite yes's or 1 really big yes here.

2.   Ask is this a positive?, negative? or neutral?.
Positive:  Relax and Enjoy!
Neutral:   Ask, do I feel there is a potential it could be a positive? 
Negative:   Stay away and respect your feelings and your choice. 
Opportunities are abundant, if it is really what you want another chance will come when you are ready to embrace the experience.

3.  Ask why 5 times.  
By the 5th answer, if not before, you will either become more secure in your choice and your reasoning or change your mind.

Thank you all for reading.

I hope my process is bringing joy to your process and your digestive system is thanking you for it.


Monday, March 12, 2012

The Digestive System and Metaphysics - Part 2 Assimilation

What happens after conscious consumption?

After initial consumption and the connection of mind, body and spirit begins the process of assimilation and digestion begins.   The questions evolve from "What am I consuming?", "What is here that I need?", "What do I want from this?"   to "How do I process/ utilize what I have committed to consuming?", "How do I make the most of this experience?"  "Am I nourishing myself and my soul through this experience.?" Over processing, such as mentally over thinking or ruminating is just as detrimental to the system as under processing or creating a separation of self from the experience, both will derail the natural flow of the process and the digestive system.

Digestion and the flow of the digestive system are reflections of how we are processing our life, our experiences and the use of our spirit in our body.  As we learn to live our experience fully, the way we process is continually adjusting to support us, directly impacting the health of our digestive system.  Drastic changes in cognitive processing will disrupt the digestive system.   The natural maturation and adult formation of our digestive system occurs around the ages 21-28 in conjunction with the 4th chakra and our development of our sense of self.

Common digestive system complaints often include stomach issues such as upset stomach, heartburn and ulcers, or issues of the intestines,  such as constipation and diarrhea.  Stomach issues suggest a difficulty in accepting new concepts, ideas  and experiences with ease,  and there my be an underlying mental confliction inhibiting the acceptance of nourishment from new sources.  Intestinal issues may suggest a resistance to letting go of that which does not provide nourishment, or an inability to hold on to or integrate that which does provide nourishment.  

As I have stated in previous blogs,  our health and well-being is unique to each of us and the underlying triggers of our health issues are unique as well.   Working with qualified health professionals can assist and support us along the way.  Being conscious in our choices and finding our peace will soothe our process and our digestion as well.



Monday, March 5, 2012

The Digestive System and Metaphysics - Part 1 Conscious Consumption

Like everything in our body and our world,   the digestive system is simply complex.

Originating in the mouth, continuing through the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine,  it receives over 20 feet of it's length from the intestines alone.   Digestion is and should be a long slow steady process,  not rushed,  drawn out, or restricted.  
Drawing of the digestive tract. The esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, colon, rectum, and anus are labeled. The colon is shaded.
Digestion begins in the mouth where saliva and enzymes combine to begin the process of assimilation.  Items introduced to our oral cavity have the ability to break through our precious blood brain barrier,  stimulating the brain and mind to begin a physical and mental sorting or evaluation.  The questions  begin.  "What am I consuming?", "What is here that I need?", "What do I want from this?"   "What is my intention for consuming this?".    This is a process that begins whenever we consume or "take in" anything,  from food to goods, people, conversation, environments and experiences.   The more complex the item of consumption is the more present and aware we need to be if we desire to assimilate fully and with ease.   The more we know the more we can support ourselves along the way, ensuring our own success.

Life is a learning process.  Learning what we should consume to thrive and grow is unique to each of us because of our unique desires, wants and wishes.   Consuming what we believe will assist us along our way is the best we can do.  Mindless consumtion will impede our growth and development, slowing or interrupting our process, our digestion and our assimilation.

Be conscious of what you are consuming and why,  ask your self "Will this support me in experiencing my life the way I wish to? ".   "Will this bring me more comfort, joy, peace along my way?".

Respect the answer, and Enjoy!