Monday, January 16, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things - Part 1...

Blog Entry Take 2!!

It's a new day and I am disciplining myself to post only once a week as this is something I am aspiring to do to enhance my health vs.  just adding one more thing to my to do  list.   I find that being a great wife, mother, friend and therapist provides me with ample daily tasks for a to do list, nothing else necessary to keep me busy.  Quiet, happy time is what I want more of.
Following is 1 thing I love and why I love it.  Hopefully there will be more to come, and yes I did take this idea from Oprah!  Thanks O.

Perelandra Products, available through me or on their website
      Love them because.... 

1.   I can safely use them to support and stabilize my whole life including my body, my mind, my environments, my projects, my loved ones, my plants (where applicable) and my pets (if I had any), just to name a few. 

2.  They are made sustainably with out extreme heat or force, just lots of love, mother earth's blessings (herbs, minerals, H20, etc.), sunlight and I am sure the willingness to wait for the development process to complete itself.   This means they are not polluting the air we breathe or the water we drink to make them!   I recommend watching The Eleventh Hour, a documentary narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio to learn a bit about the science of Biomimicry and more,   or visiting

3. They are fluid based which greatly increases their bio-availability when consumed, requiring the body less energy to digest or process and expediting distribution. 

4.  I think Machaelle Wright, the founder of Perelandra is a genius in her own right! 

Many Thanks to All!  Have a happy, healthy week.


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