Monday, January 9, 2012

SES for Health is...


If you are here you probably know who I am but may or may not be familiar with my health philosophy, my goals in being a health care practitioner  or what really makes me tick.  
So I hope through this blog those I know and love and those I have yet to meet will have the opportunity to connect with me while enhancing their own personal health and well-being.

So essentially SES for Health is me, Sarah Steger, it is a representation of who I am and who I want to be as I move through this stage of my life.

Why SES? 
In the beginning,  SES began very simply from the not so creative use of my initials, coupled with the word Therapies.   With time it was transformed to SES for Health to assist me in branching out of the therapist role into other possibilities in the health care field.   SES in my mind now stands for Sustainable and Environmental Solutions for Health, and can also be pared with Simple and Effective Solutions for Health.   I believe the simpler the approach the more sustainable the results and to create change we must be effective,  and why not take care of our environment in the process!! 
Now is the time.

Now is the time to care for ourselves, and one another in ways that nurture and care for the whole.   It is the coming together of ourselves and our world that allows us to enjoy the abundant blessings of living our fullest lives now.

Peace and Health to all this blessed day and always.

PS.   I hope to write once a week for now so check back when you can:).


  1. Sarah,

    I love this. I never knew that is what SES stood for, but I am excited to see the transition into what it is to be.

    Keep up the awesome posting.