Monday, April 16, 2012

The Reproductive System - Conscious Creation, Manifestation

The reproductive system is the intricate body system necessary for the continuation of the human race.   We tend to associate this system primarily with it's purpose of procreation.
I believe there is much more for us to see and learn when we have learned to listen and
respect it's rhythms, flow and function.  

Modern science has proven that men and women alike have creative life cycles, including puberty,  menopause and andropause.   Learning to embrace these stages of growth and development can greatly enhance our lives and our well-being.    When viewed as an opportunity to step into ones creative power, puberty becomes an empowering experience,
as does menopause/ andropause when viewed as an opportunity to slow and cease creation, creating space for life review and recognition of our creations.

From a metaphysical perspective we are free to explore how our thoughts may feed or deplete the health of our reproductive environment.   When used appropriately the creative potential held in our reproductive system can be used to manifest our dreams without harm to others. Through mental awareness we can choose thoughts that assist us in manifesting the life we want.   The more we speak in terms of I want and I can the healthier our reproductive systems will be.