Monday, February 27, 2012

A Metaphysical Approach to Healing the body.

As stated in previous blogs, it is believed by some, myself included, that the mind controls the body until the body gets sick, then the body controls the mind.

In line with this thinking, it is necessary to understand the optimal function/purpose of the body, it's organs and body systems as well as the mental thought processes that promote or impede optimal performance and function. 

Each of our over 100 trillion cells holds a unique vibrational frequency representative of the experiences and emotional perceptions present at the time of its creation.  As we move through life our cellular body is continually regenerating itself in an effort to create a vessel for optimal performance and experience based on the communication between our mind and our spirit.   When our thoughts conflict with one another the body creates cells that are also in conflict, supporting too opposing sides on the same issue.  

So what then is the answer?     My best guess:

Be aware.
Be aware of your internal dialogue.  If your dialogue does not support itself and what you ultimately want, begin reframing if you can, if it is difficult to reframe look to others who have gathered the information you need and be willing to learn.  

As stated in  Why Bodywork? February 6,   working with an experienced bodyworker could be the link between your mind and body.  An exceptional bodyworker will listening to what you want while holding space within your body to create the cells necessary to support your dreams.

Next week:  A metaphysical study of the digestive system.



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  2. Our personal energy radiates from our center out. Some refer to this as our aura. This is often visible when you look at a person. As we go through our daily activities the stress of our daily existence wears down our aura. I am a staunch believer that when you spread your aura to thin you need to regain it. The easiest way to do this is place yourself in the warmest bath you can tolerate. Submerge up to your neck, close your eyes and practice a meditative breathing regimen until you can feel your energy recaptured in your center. A good rwstful sleep and all the energy you need to face the next round of daily stresses.