Monday, March 19, 2012

The Digestive System and Metaphics - Part 3 The Finish

If all goes well we consume, process and waste efficiently.   I find however that in our busy world,  overly abundant in man made technologies and GMOs coupled with rapidly decreasing natural resources,   it is becoming more and more difficult to consume what nourishes us.   

In our Western world making healthy choices for consumption and knowing the health benefits and risks of what we consume are equally challenging.   Is the IPad a better investment than the Kindle?   How important is a new chair?    What has this produce been sprayed with?  Has this food adapted on it's own or been assisted in the lab?   To answer these questions truthfully we may or may not have to go to great lengths.  I believe there is no "right' answer to any of them,  just best, honest answers in the moment.

I believe finding the "honest" answer is greatly a function of how you want to spend your time.   Are you investing your time in things  that make you feel good?   I believe time is my only limited resource.  Investing my time doing things in places with people that I enjoy is always my best choice.

Some simple things I do to enjoy the process of consumption, life and making choices include:

1.  Ask who?, where? and what?.
 Is the activity something I want to do?  ( Yes, I do include resting as an activity.).
 Is it in a place I can relax and enjoy spending my time?  (Home is always my favorite place.) 
 Is it with people I enjoy being with?  (As much as I love people, I am learning even I can be worn thin.) 
I recommend either 2 definite yes's or 1 really big yes here.

2.   Ask is this a positive?, negative? or neutral?.
Positive:  Relax and Enjoy!
Neutral:   Ask, do I feel there is a potential it could be a positive? 
Negative:   Stay away and respect your feelings and your choice. 
Opportunities are abundant, if it is really what you want another chance will come when you are ready to embrace the experience.

3.  Ask why 5 times.  
By the 5th answer, if not before, you will either become more secure in your choice and your reasoning or change your mind.

Thank you all for reading.

I hope my process is bringing joy to your process and your digestive system is thanking you for it.



  1. Thanks for the info - very wise to ask yourself again and again. I agree the more you get the same answer the wiser the choice

  2. I agree the more you question why and receive the same answer the more likely it it is the correct reason. Thanks for your posting